What colors should I use in my Resume according to the industry?

The use of ‘color’ can be related and reflect upon the identity and personality of an individual and also by organizations that wants to convey a certain image or brand perception.

So what about the use of color on our Resumes? One of our most important personal brand tools?
Let Resubae help you figure that out together, but first let us touch a little bit on how to strategize the use of colors.

1. Should colors be used?

We suggest looking into the company’s context first, what the culture is like, its employees, its desired perception and so forth.

Take for example conservative or slower to adapt companies most of which have been in business for more than 50 years, we could probably assume that your resume should be kept in Black & White as the safest option when viewed by the HR department.

For new generation companies and startups for example, colors are definitely an option that you can use! But before you decide to just jump in on your favorite colors, your use of colors should be best reflected on the industry or job position you are applying into – does it require creativity? Leadership? A sense of trustworthiness?

If you have seen the resumes and portfolios of creatives and marketing, you will be able to pick up these gimmicks and color elements in their profiles!

2. How should colors be used?

Limiting your use to no more than 3 colors on a resume and also avoiding bright colors that could create an ‘unreliable’ or ‘unserious’ perception.

Resumes should have a template or harmonious ‘color theme’ which supports the readability of your resume by recruiters and HR. It could also be used to emphasize certain words, fonts, color bars, achievements and headings as well!

3. What colors should be used?

Before choosing our color(s), do not simply choose what we like without any underlying reason. Pick the ones that would show our personality, that can be applied into our career style, culture of the company as well as what each color could potentially reflect – don’t forget, a resume is your own marketing tool!

If we look slightly deeper into the psychology of colors applied within our resumes, here are some of our findings:

Blue = professionalism, trust, stability and resolution
Profession: Consultant, Teacher, Engineer, Lawyer, Accountant or Finance

Red = Confident, competitive, an initiator
Profession: A career related to IT or technology, such as Programmer, Developer, Software Engineer, Sales.

Orange = Fun, excitement, full of energy while also being friendly and warm
Occupation: Customer Service, Business Development

Yellow = Growth, creativity, thinkers who like to create and spark new ideas, yellow is also the best color to highlight any crucial parts in your Resume (if any)
Occupation: Creative, Copy Writer, Translator, Architect or Marketer

Purple = Luxurious, spiritual, leadership and attentive
Profession: Doctor, Pharmacy, Executive

Green = Peaceful, generosity and natural
Profession: NGO, Environmental Specialist

Pink = Love, softness, gentleness and kindness
Profession: Beauty related, such as treatment staff, Beauty Blogger, Beauty magazine editor

At the end of the day, always keep in mind that colors used should complement who you are on your resume and not steal the attention away from the main highlights of your resume, your content, skills and achievements!

If you would like to ask us how to make your resume stand out from the rest or to simply ask some career development or related questions,
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