He got a great job before he completed his university education.

As a 4th year student in Engineering at Chulalongkorn University, I started casually applying for jobs during my exchange in Taiwan. For some reason, I applied as a Software Engineer based in London with ThoughtWorks and ended up being referred to the Bangkok office.

As Thoughtworks is a well-known global technology company in 15 cities, my interview started off with the Thai HR interviewing me in English to make sure that it was of standard. With a total of 5 rounds, it included a coding challenge, a paired programming session, a technical interview and then a cultural challenge test. The toughest would definitely be the technical interview!

For my field and those in computer science, the focus is very much on the coding exercise and technical interview (math problems, thought process, designing etc.) in which those who can code the fastest and answer with clarity would be viewed as better than those with a ‘portfolio of past projects’. I made sure to focus on the above as it was an advice given by an ex-Google engineer, and a role that I really wanted in a global company!

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