Resume Services

Our own personalized service will help you create an eye-catching resume that is tailored to your career aspirations to optimize your chances of success.
Employers look at hundreds if not thousands of resumes a day, so it is therefore important to stand out from the crowd. On average, recruiters tend to spend 6 or 7 seconds on each resume, so let’s make those seconds count!


Resume Submission

Send us your current resume via our email address (


Personalized Questionnaire

We will send you a personalized questionnaire based on your resume within 2 – 5 working days, so stay on the lookout!


Completing Questionnaire

When you’re ready, send us your answers. It is advised that you take your time and try to complete it fully for more accurate results.


Brand New Resume

The finish line is in sight, expect a brand new resume in 5 working days. We offer unlimited adjustments until you’re happy with it.


Writing & Design

The Writing & Design service takes all your concerns away and we do it all for you. We’ll need your help with providing us with as much information as possible based on our questionnaire, but we will write and design your entire resume.

Services that drive success.

Increased attention

On your resume from employers, recruiters, and HR professionals.

Clear selling points

Your strongest skills and relevant accomplishments laid out in the right format.

Optimized chances

On landing the job interview you want, by having a great profile and hitting the right keywords.


You will now be benchmarked with the top 10% applicants in the pool.


A brand new revolutionary resume that will make you stand out from the crowd. Your new resume will guarantee capture the attention of employers, recruiters, and HR professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, Concerns or something else?

Every industry, position and company requires a specialized resume so unfortunately, this resume will not work for every job. Despite this, that should not be a problem as we can help you by hitting the right keywords that beat the ATS so you will get noticed.
This service is for anyone whether they are applying for a job or an internship.

Yes we do, at an additional fee of +3000 THB (excl 7% VAT) and you will receive your resume within 24 hours upon receiving your answers from the questionnaire.

We can help you create a resume in both English and Thai.

Experience a personalized service to boost your career.

Get the job that sets you up for success and have your career glow up with us! 

Resume or LinkedIn Writing

Takes all your concerns away and we do it all for you: Writing & Design services.

We’re excited to see what you’ve got

Please upload your most recent resume and we will get back to you in 48 hours.

Step 1. Transfer Payment

Subtotal: ฿6900 + 7% VAT
Total: ฿7383 (฿5906 for students)

Please transfer the total amount to the account below:

Kasikorn Bank
Account Holder's Name: Resubae Recruitment Co., Ltd.

Step 2. Confirm & Verify Payment

Confirm and verify your payment by uploading the receipt below or send it to our email:


Let's get in touch!


Let's get in touch!

Payment received! We’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Submission received! We’ll get back to you within 1-2 days.