Networking Training

Set clear networking goals and master the ins-and-outs to keep building and maintaining your network.
Nothing great is ever done alone and as a wise man once said: “Your network = your net worth”. You never know who becomes your future partner, client, boss, employee, or whatever else. Building a network is a skill in itself, and so is maintaining it. Let our experts with vast networks themselves guide you through all the best practices.


Personalized planning

Simply reach out to us and let us know what your wishes are, send us your LinkedIn profile, and schedule your session with one of our career consultants! Our consultants will come prepared, ask a few questions to really understand your situations and needs, and jump straight into the templates and practice.


Contact us

Fill in the contact form, send an email, or reach out on any of our social media platforms to schedule your first session. Please feel free to include as much information as possible, including your resume, current situation, and wishes.


Show up

Be there at the right time with positive energy, enthusiasm, and an open-mind to learn.


Learn & Apply

Execute all the given tasks and see your applications go a whole lot more smoothly.

Features that drive success.

Goal Setting

Know what you want to achieve within what timeframe


Decide the right approach to tackle your networking goals


To make your life easier, personalized to you and your goals


Conversations online and offline, to build and maintain your network

Master all the skills you need to build and maintain a strong network, for whatever use case you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, Concerns or something else?

This is for everyone that is embarking on a job search.
It really depends on from where we are starting and how ambitious the goals are. You will however learn quite a bit during the first session, but you might require more than 1 to reach all your goals.
We offer it in English, Thai, and Dutch.
There are as many sessions as you would like.
The session can be conducted in person or online. Whichever is more comfortable for you, we can accommodate!

Identify a career path that matches your values

Take part in our our unique and comprehensive process that help individuals determine their career-related goals. 

Networking Training

Set clear networking goals and master the ins-and-outs to keep building and maintaining your network.

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