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Interview Training & Preperation

Interview training

This is perhaps the most important part of the selection and hiring process; where both you and the employer explore the possibility of a great match. It is the time where you can align on chemistry, suitability, and potential, before joining the company! Why should they hire you? – Don’t know the best answer to that? Read on!

One of the main components is the first impression. Interviewers often decide within the first few minutes if you are hired or not. They observe your body language, tone of voice, and the content of your reply. Make sure you rock yours and stand out among the crowd!

You should be prepared for an arsenal of ‘standard’ questions, something almost all interviewers ask. Each interviewer has his/ her style to it and it is important to set mental patterns to formulate an answer for questions you did not expect.

For some roles, you get later in the process case studies assigned. You want to get a good understanding of what kind of case studies apply to the company and the role you aim for and then practice those accordingly. It is an opportunity to show how you behave in a working environment.

Research shows that both the verbal and non-verbal elements are important. Our training sessions are highly personalized and start with getting an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Based on the outcomes, we formulate specific exercises to rapidly improve.

Many candidates also struggle with the salary negotiations, the hard talk about the numbers. It starts with understanding your position and the average market rate. Then we have to estimate how you compare to the average and base your ideal and minimum expectations on it.

The benefits of interview preparation:

    •       It will reduce interview anxiety by getting used to it in a low-stress environment
    •       Boost your confidence, knowing you give the best answers
    •       Get insights into your weaknesses to improve through constructive feedback
    •       Practice makes perfect

Together, we will make sure your interview skills increase significantly, and with that the possibility of you landing the job you want.

Our mock interview sessions can be through a video call, phone, or face-to-face to prepare you for your next interview and beyond. Learn how to make a killer first impression and master the standard interview questions, the weird ones, and the case studies. (Thai & English offered)


    1. Let us know the industry, company, and role you’re applying
    2. Book a time slow with one of our Career Bae’s
    3. Show up with enthusiasm and an open mind to learn (45 mins – 90 mins)
    4. Practice and then rock your interview giving it your best shot

What you will get?

    • High-quality answers: Guidelines, insights, and advice on how you can bring the best out of you and rock your interview, both verbal and non-verbal.
    • Self-assessment: By answering the hard questions, you’ll find out how good you fit in.
    • Interview skills: Practice makes master – the more you do it, the better you get.