Interview Training

A unique session that will help you ace your interview and get the position you have applied for. Master both the verbal and non-verbal elements of the interview, as well as strong salary negotiation skills.

You may have all the necessary skills, but can you present yourself in a way that would stand out to recruiters? Interviewers tend to already decide in the first few minutes whether you have been hired or not, so every detail counts and could be the difference between you landing your dream job or not.


Ace your next job interview

Once you have scheduled an interview training session with one of our career consultants, we will start to prepare personalized questionnaires as well as scenarios that are specific to your industry and preferred job description. We will work on your first impression, answer structures, and non-verbal parts through continuous practice and feedback.


Planning Ahead

In order to adjust the experience to your needs, inform us the desired industry, company, and role you’re applying for. A great way to let us know is by sharing the job description!


Starting a Session

Let’s get this started by booking a session with one of our career consultants. Then, show up with positive energy, enthusiasm, and an open mind to learn.


Practice Makes Perfect

Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect to ace your interview straight away. To master something takes practice, and consistent practice will set you up for success. So keep practicing and you will get there!

Features that drive success.

First Impression

Hiring decisions are often made within the first 30 seconds. Make a great first impression to start the interview well! 

Soft Elements

Most of the communication is non-verbal, and it is important to portray yourself in the right manner.

High-quality Answers

Guidelines, insights, and advice on how to structure your answers for both the expected and unexpected questions.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice until you feel really comfortable and you are ready to ace your interview! 

Training that will help you go from feeling nervous and anxious in interviews to fully ready and prepared to ace the interview that will land you your dream job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions, concerns, or something else?

For anyone who has an upcoming interview for a job, internship or any other opportunity.
Progress is different for everyone, but you will definitely improve with every session. Some need more sessions than others to really rock it and we will advice accordingly.

We offer our Interview Training in both Thai and English.

You pay per hour so you can practice as much as you like within that hour, and book multiple.
The preparation can be conducted in person or online. Whichever method more comfortable for you, we can accommodate!

Experience personalized services to boost your career.

Get the job you really want & experience a fulfilling career!
Interview Training

Guidelines, insights, and advice on how you can bring the best out of you and rock your interview, both verbal and non-verbal.

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