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Unbiased career consultancy startup that helps you achieve a fulfilling career.

Our Approach

Create your vision, make a plan towards it, and be prepared for every step.


Industry leading professionals to assist you on your career journey.


Who is Resubae?

Resubae is a career consultancy startup that started with a simple mission of helping people get the job that they want. Our Co-Founder & CEO, Charlie, is a talent acquisition specialist and he saw many people with high potential but were unable to show it in their application process. So, we started to help people with their job application process, from resumes and LinkedIn profiles to interview preparation and salary negotiation. However, we quickly found a larger problem at play where too many people were unhappy with their job or somewhat lost in their career:

  • “I don’t know what kind of job and company really fits me”
  • “What am I working towards..?”
  • “I’m afraid to leave, I don’t know how, should I?”
  • “I can’t grow any further here, but what next..?”

This led us to change our mission to beyond simply getting the job, but to helping people achieve a fulfilling career! Something that ignites a fire within them and makes them excited to wake up every single day, offering a sense of purpose with a feeling of belonging.


A Successful Career Path

We help you find what your dreams are and turn them into reality. This includes creating a vision, make a plan towards it, and prepare you for every step of the journey. A proven method to set you up for a successful career path!

Find Your Vision

Finding your dream career starts with looking inside and understanding yourself. The journey of self-discovery will serve as input that leads you to explore potential industries, companies, and roles that fit you.

Plan Accordingly

We cannot reach our dreams if we do not plan every step of the way. It usually includes all the experience, skills, knowledge, and network you need to succeed. For the entrepreneurs among us, we also take financials into account.

Prepare For Every Step

From your resume and LinkedIn profile to job search strategies, networking, and interview training, to salary negotiations. We can help you with everything to optimize your chances of success!


Our Founders

Meet our multinational industry-leading professionals who will assist you every step of the way in reaching your career dreams and goals.

Charlie Withayachamnankul

CEO & Co-Founder

Country Manager at Accelerasia, Talent Acquisition Specialist (high-growth companies), Forbes Business Council Member

Billy van der Loo

COO & Co-Founder

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Mentor, established Social Enterprise (Dress the Dream) & Crypto Wealth Management (Cryptovation), youngest F&B Director


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