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Career Planning

Career Planning

Find what you love and don’t work a day of your life.

Everybody spends on average working 40 hours a week for 45 years. Let’s understand what drives your ambition and makes you excited! As a personal trainer helps you to achieve your physical goals – We help you to achieve your career goals. .

This service is for you if you feel somewhat lost or lack of direction in your career. The session often starts with looking inside to understand and explore yourself. After you realize where your unique strengths, skills, and interests lay, you can look outside and explore opportunities that match with you. That allows you to set a vision and create a plan towards it.

What knowledge, skills, and experience do you need to get there? When should it happen? How should you do so? Fail to plan = plan to fail. Setting milestones keeps you motivated and makes sure your career keeps growing.

Self-Assessment --> Career Exploration --> Career Identification --> Action Plan

Career planning is understanding your vision and laying out what you have now in terms of skills, experience, achievements, network, knowledge, and time. Then it’s our job to provide you with specific steps to bridge the gap between your now and your future!

The amount of sessions depends on how your current situation, how clear your vision is, and how much involvement you like. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to career planning and is highly dependent on you, your situation, and your wishes.

At its core, it comes down to understanding yourself and where you want to be in the future. The goal is to invest your time in a way that brings you emotionally satisfying returns, while bringing out your fullest potential. It includes the skills you need to develop, the experience you need to gather, the knowledge to build up, and the network to grow. For each of those, we establish a specific plan, on a timeline.

All these factors change over time and therefore it is not something you only do once, but constantly evaluate and reflect on. This is a must to make sure you always do what you really want.

The question is, do you even have one yet? 


    1. Reach out to us via email, Line, or Facebook to have a chat about your objectives.
    2.  Book an online/offline session and confirm your location with one of our career baes – we recommend a face-to-face to be most effective.
    3. Bring along any ideas, job description, or inspiration and come with an open mind!
    4. Our friendly baes will stay by your side to support and guide you through your journey.

What you will get?

    • Self-assessment: Your interests, values, strengths, work, and lifestyle to function as input for the exploration.
    • Exploration: Find industries that match your interests, companies that match your values, and roles that match your strengths. The exploration based on your self-assessment allows you to set a specific vision.
    • Action Plan: Set both short- and long-term goals to achieve your vision. The goals translate into specific actionable tasks to develop your skills, experience, knowledge, and network. It’s your map to the treasure chest, which is your dream career.
    • Resubae’s Network: Plug-in in our local and international network of over 40,000 executives and managers.