Covid: Working from home the right way

Here are 4 quick simple tips that could help:

1) Rev up Communication

Simply make sure you know what is really expected of you. Set clear goals and expectations from the start and your team and your managers alike updated when need be. It could sometime feel unstructured and frustrating but it is all just a matter of getting used to and being ‘organised’ in communicating through online platforms and tools to support workflow processes.

2) Treat it like a ‘Real Job’

Bad lighting? No proper work area? Waking up and not showering for the entire day till the evening? Having an improper set up for your home office or not feeling like you are actually working could deter you from any form of productivity! Most importantly, learn to let other members in the household understand boundaries and to also STOP WORKING by the end of the day.

3) Avoid feeling isolated

This is a natural offset for many working from home over long periods of time or being self dependent. Of course, the video calls happen, but introduce normalcy such as pizza parties too!

4) Positive mindset and spirits up

If you are a manager, be the cheerleader to boost team morale! If you need a spirit booster, go snag that tissue roll that you always wanted and get back into things! Or Tiktok…

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