Why Networking Will Never Be The Same Again

Networking is such a powerful tool that anyone has at their disposal. With networking comes hundreds of different doors that open to new opportunities. Statistics say that roughly 70-80% of jobs are filled through networking! But has this changed because of the pandemic? Detective Resubae has all the answers so stick around!

We’ve all been living under pandemic circumstances for almost two years now, which is crazy to think! A lot has changed since then. In the work environment, for example, working from home has become the norm nowadays. But let’s focus on networking and why it will never be the same as before.

Welcome to the virtual world

The world has become a more digitized one thanks to Covid-19. Coffee meets and in-person interviews are so 2019. Almost everything is done virtually now. If you have an interview, for example, don’t be fooled! The same nerves are there and employers still pick up every little detail.

A top tip is that you should get yourself familiar with whatever application these calls will be conducted on. So whether that is Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any of the others, make sure you know how to use them!

Your digital presence has become more important than ever!

When governments around the world forced a strict “stay at home” lifestyle, the majority of us were on our devices 24/7. Fast forward to today and we are still consumed by our devices. Time to put the funny cat videos aside and invest that time in building your digital presence.

Especially on platforms like LinkedIn, it is super important to build your digital presence. LinkedIn is the biggest online platform. It’s where companies and recruiters find their ideal candidates. It’s the largest professional network where there are more than 750 million+ members.

As it is not always possible to meet in person it is super-duper important that your digital presence leaves a good impression. Remember that 70-80% of jobs are filled through networking. Time to polish your digital presence so it leaves a good mark!

If you need help with networking, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Together we can polish your networking skills and land you the job you desire.

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