What To Do If YOU Have Been Rejected By a Job

Searching for jobs is difficult but the rejections that come with it are harder to deal with. However, it is important to not get discouraged by job rejections. The sad reality is that they occur more than one would think. Despite that, there are reasons to remain hopeful for the future. For example, did you know that millennials and Gen Zs will make 75% of the global workforce by 2025? While rejections are usually negative, they can also be a blessing in disguise. Today we will discuss some useful tips and tricks to overcome rejection.

Ask for detailed feedback

One great method you can use is to ask the employer for feedback. Not only does this show your character but also your determination to improve. Employers will take note of this. Feedback is great because its purpose is to help you improve. Plus, it gives you an idea of what your weaknesses are and how you could avoid making similar mistakes in the future. Just don’t expect a 5000 word essay and take notes as a reminder for future opportunities. Asking never hurt anybody, so don’t be afraid!


Review and reflect

Rejections also offer you a great opportunity to review and reflect. This is also where you take into consideration the feedback you have received. Reviewing and reflecting is a great way to look back and identify where you went wrong. If you did receive feedback then great, you should be halfway there! Other examples of questions that you might want to ask yourself include:

  • Was the job something I really wanted to do?
  • Did I plan correctly for the career that I want to pursue?
  • Did I practice the right way for the interview?
  • Did my resume let me down?
  • Could I have improved my online presence?


Explore the learnings from past rejections when you are reviewing and reflecting. Use these learnings for your own personalized development plan!

Be philosophical

What is a wolf that loves studying philosophy called? A self-aware wolf ha! We hope you laughed at that joke or enjoyed it as much as we did. But enough with the jokes, it is time to get serious, or should we say, philosophical. Being philosophical or a “self-aware wolf” can change the way you look at rejections. When it’s time to be philosophical you are challenging but also training your mindset. Why should you be philosophical? Being philosophical allows you to gather your thoughts and challenge your mindset. It helps transform the way you see and perceive things. This can help you overcome not job rejections but also other difficulties for the future.

So now you are wondering how I can go into full psychological mode? Firstly, ask yourself relevant questions about what went wrong. You need to dig deep but not too deep to the point that you reach the Mariana Trench. Dig to the level where you go through step by step how the whole job searching procedure went. Stop along the way and ask yourself the necessary questions. Questions such as “could I have done this differently” or “maybe I shouldn’t have done or said that”. Take notes, highlight scenarios where something went wrong and reflect on it.

Having the right mindset is a powerful tool that can transform the way you see and perceive things. If you are struggling to activate your philosophical mode, do not worry! There are plenty of sources for your daily dose of wisdom or inspiring Buddhist quotes. While no one is a fan of rejections, you can overcome this! It’s all about being philosophical and challenging your mindset. This leads to the next point which is transforming the way you think about rejections.



Having the right mindset and knowing that after the rain comes the rainbow can get you a long way. While rejections do not scream positivity, it is important not to get yourself worked up about it. With your new mindset and development plan, you will be ready again to find a job!


Plenty of fish in the sea

You limit yourself if you narrow your job search to a specific role, industry or company. There is that danger that potential better opportunities slip under the radar. Consider refining your search and keeping your options open. This could open up new areas that might spark an interest. Explore the bigger picture, the world is your oyster!

Build resilience

This is where you insert an inspirational quote that keeps you going. Other than coming up with corny motivational lines, rejections can help build resilience. Your future self will thank you for today’s struggles and hardship. Keep grinding and don’t give up!


Show your usefulness to others

If you are being rejected job after job it is worth considering putting the job search on pause. Consider exploring other opportunities such as an internship or volunteering. Not only will you learn a lot about a company or your particular job, you’ll learn a lot more about yourself as well. These experiences allow you to showcase why you would make a great addition to any company!


Time to put your socializing cap on and go out there and talk to more people. One great way to do this is by researching various individuals in a job or company that you would like to apply for. While this could lead to rejection, don’t be afraid! Networking is a great method of building and expanding your professional network. You can ask them for recommendations, their experience at a company or their role to get an idea of what to expect. Knowing more people will lead to more opportunities so don’t shy away from it.

Focus on your strengths

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses offer you an idea of what you could improve in. Remember not to forget your superpower, your strengths. Explain how they can be valuable to the position or company you are applying for. Remember to explain how previous experiences have benefited from your strengths. Using your strengths can provide a great boost and increase your self-confidence!

Rejections are difficult, happen to everyone and remember that it is never personal. These tips and tricks will hopefully change the way you think about rejections. All hope is not lost as “when one door closes, another opens”. If you’re unsure about these tips and tricks then don’t worry! Resubae is here to help you out so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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