First Impressions Count!

A first impression is made within 30 seconds, and there are no second chances to make a great one. So how to rock yours?

Well, there are many components that contribute to making that impactful first impression on recruiters. Start with thinking about how you look, dress, and present yourself. You want to look professional! Put yourself in any employer’s shoes, would you want someone in sweats representing your company?

1. Make yourself presentable by being well groomed, smelling good, ironing your clothes, and doing your hair.

2. Make sure you carry yourself at a high standard. Stand up straight, and look people in the eye with a friendly smile. Then, just show genuine interest in the person and be curious about who they are. A great first impression is all about the personal connection. You want to make them feel like they need you on their team!

3. Chin up and show some confidence. Nothing like a candidate that can sell the fact that they know their worth. Prepare well, walk in there, and show em’ what you got!

Ultimately, you want to maximize your chances of landing that job. Try applying these tips to your next interview, and you never know, maybe those first 30 seconds could help kickstart your dream career!

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