Achievement Matter!

What you ACHIEVED is much more important than your responsibilities. Try to quantify wherever you can, because numbers speak louder than words. Think about sales/ growth/ engagement numbers, or the number of events you organized for how many people.

Do you think A or B is better, in the examples below?

A. Responsible for the Facebook page

B. Increased Facebook likes by 342% over a period of 1 year by setting and executing a successful inbound marketing strategy, with a 27% engagement.

A. Supervised the team

B. Supervised teams of over 100 employees, focused on their satisfaction as I believe that happy & healthy team leads to a happy and healthy company.

A. Solved customers problems

B. Effectively solved arising issues and had an 87% customer satisfaction rate of the whole customer service department, which was the highest with an average of 71%. Our Bae’s prefer the B’s. Also, you see that your responsibilities become clear by describing your achievements?