1-1 or Group


Resume Edit & Proofread​

Send us your current resume in a word document and receive highly detailed feedback in the form of highlighted comments on the content, grammar, format, keywords, file types and additional oversights. 

The process helps you to learn how to put together a great resume and the lessons will be applicable throughout your professional journey. 

1. Send your resume to us in a Word File
2. Wait 2-3 working days for first review
3. Adjust the feedback and send it us again
4. We go back and forth unlimited times until it is as good as it can be


Resume Writing & Design

Our forte is in the use of language and design to make an impact by highlighting your unique achievements, skills and personality. We optimize your chances on beating the resume software filter system (ATS) and getting the interview. 

With hundreds of candidates applying for the same job, ask yourself if you stand out and are in the top 1% of this pool. A well-drafted resume in hand means increased future job opportunities. 

1. Send your current resume to us
2. Wait 2-3 working days for a personalized questionnaire
3. Send us the answers of the questionnaire
4. Wait a maximum of 4-5 working days
5. Unlimited adjustments until you are satisfied


Interview Preparation

A mock interview session through video call, phone or face to face to prepare you for your next interview and beyond. Learn how to make a killer first impression and master the standard interview questions, the weird ones and the case studies. (Thai & English offered)

Research shows that both the verbal and non-verbal elements are important. Interviewers often decide within the first few minutes if you are hired or not. They observe your body language, tone of voice and the content of your reply. Resubae offers you tips & tricks to present yourself better. 

1. Let us know the industry, company and role you’re applying 
2. Book a time slow with one of our Career Bae’s
3. Show up with enthusiasm and an open mind to learn
4. Rock your interview


Connect & MEET

Tap into Resubae’s wide network of industry leaders to meet a specialist, manager or director to get insights of their industry, company and role. Such connections often go beyond insights and can lead to referrals or further business deals. 

The meeting could be either through the phone or face to face, depending on case by case basis.

A big percentage of hires are through referrals and opportunities or partnerships are forged through relationships. View this as a quick express route to getting to where you want to go.

1. Reach out and let us know your desired contact
2. Within 5 working days we get back to your with possibilities
3. Select and book an appointment
4. Meet-up and connect


Career Planning

This service is for you if you feel lost and lack direction in your career. The session starts with looking inside to understand and explore yourself. After you realize where your unique strengths, skills and interests lay, you can look outside and explore opportunities that match with you. That allows you to set a vision and create a plan towards it. What knowledge, skills and experience do you need to get there? When should it happen? How should you do so? Fail to plan = Plan to fail. 

Everybody spends on average working 40 hours a week for 45 years. Lets understand what drives your ambition and makes you excited. Find what you love and don’t work a day of your live. 

1. Contact us with your requirements and objectives
2. Book a time and location for a face to face session
3. Show up and get your professional journey on track