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Do you have the power to open doors? Your resume is the gateway to land your next interview – one of the most crucial steps to every job application.

Nowadays it is even more important to stand out within a competitive environment, especially for your dream job. That means that your resume has to go beyond a factual representation of your professional history, to serve as a marketing document with the right descriptions and keywords in an organized format.  

Can your future employer or recruiter see how qualified you are? What makes you unique? What achievements do you have so far? And most important: Why you instead of the others applying for the same job?

A few important facts to note:

    • Companies receive over 200 applications for each job
    • The majority uses Application Tracking Software (ATS) to screen for keywords
    • Recruiters spend an average of 5-7 second per resume
    • There are millions of unemployed people as well as millions of unfilled jobs

The number #1 feedback we get is that people did not realize how much their resume could be improved. Hence, we introduced our free screening to give you an honest, unbiased, opinion of how far your resumereaches its fullest potential. All our resume services are done by at least two independent resume experts to ensure this unbiased opinion.

Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume, your public professional personal brand. It is a great platform to build your professional network as well as apply for jobs. Your profile serves simultaneously as your ‘professional branding’, and recruiters will look at it. Keywords are important.

Just like Facebook is to keep in touch with your friends and Instagram for your lifestyle, LinkedIn opens up the huge network of opportunities that could come your way and allows you to reach out to so many possibilities from career advancement, sales, jobs, friendship even an online professional presence.

We do not just copy-paste your original wording onto a beautiful design, we also make sure the content is impactful and reflects each of you in the best way!

Resume/ CV/ LinkedIn Feedback

Send us your current resume in a word document and receive highly detailed feedback in the form of highlighted comments on the content, grammar, design, format, keywords, file types, and additional oversights.

Our workflow teaches you how to put together a great resume. We will be guiding it, but you will be making the adjustments. One of the benefits is that those lessons apply to whenever you need to adjust your resume.


    1. Send your resume to us in a Word File via Email
    2. Wait 2-3 working days for the first review
    3. Adjust the feedback and send it to us again
    4. We go back and forth unlimited times until it is as good as it can be

*This entire process could require a few days or even up to a few weeks all dependent on your time convenience and cooperation*

Resume/ CV/ LinkedIn Writing & Design

Our forte is in the use of language and design to make an impact by highlighting your unique achievements, skills, and personality. We optimize your chances of beating the resume software filter system (ATS) and getting the interview.

With hundreds of candidates applying for the same job, ask yourself if you stand out and are in the top 1% of this pool. A well-drafted resume in hand means increased future job opportunities.


    1. Send your current resume to us via Email
    2. Wait 2-3 working days for a personalized questionnaire
    3. Send us the answers of the questionnaire (this may involve a certain period according to your convenience)
    4. Wait a maximum of 4-5 working days
    5. Unlimited adjustments until you are satisfied

What you will get?

    • Increased attention: On your profile or resume from employers, recruiters, and HR.
    • Clear selling points: Your strongest skills and relevant accomplishments laid out in the right format.
    • Optimized chances: On landing the job interview you want, by having a great profile and hitting the right keywords.  

*Please note: Each individual will have different opinions and feedback on your resume, but with Resubae, we guarantee 100% satisfaction by you and what you need your profile and resume for now!