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Career Success Package

Career Success Package 

Getting started is often the hardest part of your career. You might ask yourself questions such as: What should I do? What really fits me? How to get that job? It’s important to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. A sense of purpose gives personal satisfaction and allows you to stand out in the competitive job market. You need to realize yours, create a plan towards it, build the right network, work on your personal branding, and be prepared for the application process. We’re here to help you to do just that, our package sets you up for success! 

Stop feeling lost and start feeling fulfilled, happy, and proud of your job and career.  

Fresh graduates and those early in their career are guaranteed to land a job within 6 months of completing the steps or 50% of your money back. We will provide you with close guidance and mentorship tailored to your unique needs. Usually includes: 

    • Self-assessment: Get to know yourself to know which direction to look into
    • Career exploration: Look into different industries, companies, and roles to find out what fits you
    • Vision setting: Formulate a long-term vision to serve as your guiding north star
    • Career plan: Develop a career plan to achieve your vision
    • Personal branding: Show your progress towards your vision to attract opportunities
    • Job search strategies: Where to search and how to apply
    • Resume writing: Craft fully polished application material to optimize your chances
    • Interview training: Learn and practice how to rock your interview
    • Salary negotiations: To get properly rewarded 
    • Resume promotion: Your profile brought under the attention of 40,000 high-level professionals 

We act as your personal guide and to increase your results, while significantly decreasing the stress you experience. Get the job that sets you up for success in your career and life!


    1. Reach out to us via Email, LINE or a quick call to ask any questions you may have
    2. Set-up a 1 hour meeting to tailor the package to your needs, availability, and urgency
    3. Receive a personalized service plan attached to a timeline within 24 hours
    4. Make the assignments, do the research, and show up to the meetings
    5. Regular check-in and ongoing dialogue to ensure all milestones are met and hurdles are overcomed together
    6. We tap into our network and channels to push out your profile towards your industry of preference for either the exploration phase or the job application phase. 
    7. We stay with you through the negotiation process and even after you get a job as your lifelong career advisor! 

Criteria & Limitations

    • For Thai nationals and jobs in Thailand only.
    • English language level of intermediate or above required.
    • Must be immediately ready to find a new job or move jobs.
    • The service is highly personalised and exclusive, and therefore the amount of clients we can help is limited. Resubae acts on a first come first serve basis, with full discretion to reject or postpone your application.
    • 6-month job places guarantee or 50% refund only for undergraduates, fresh graduates, 1st jobbers and anyone early in their career aged between 20-30 only.