Career Packages

Everyone deserves to have a fulfilling career. We recognize that everyone has a different set of goals and challenges when it comes to their career. Let us cater to your unique needs through these 6 flexible packages.

Career Packages Details


Good preparation is half the work and doubles your chances of successfully landing that job you want! It also simply saves you a lot of time, as well as headaches.

(Actual value: ฿15,000)

  • Get an outstanding resume & LinkedIn profile
  • Learn efficient networking strategies
  • Search and apply for jobs in the right ways
  • Train you to ace your interviews
  • Negotiate a fair salary
  • Fast track your application process today!


You could have many reasons, from a bad boss to no growth opportunities or a toxic company culture. Imagine being excited to go to work every day. Well, that’s exactly what this package helps you achieve!

(Actual value: ฿27,600)

  • Get a helicopter view of who you are and what you like
  • Find industries, companies, and positions that match you
  • Tailor your resume and pimp your LinkedIn profile
  • Teach you how to search and apply for those jobs the right ways
  • Train you how to rock your interview and negotiate a good salary
  • Don’t wait for change - make it happen today. Let’s go!


Master the art of networking and reap the benefits throughout your life. Your network = your net worth after all. It is an invaluable skill to have and can open many doors!

(Actual value: ฿40,200)

  • Set networking goals and targets
  • Master online and offline networking strategies
  • Craft message and conversation templates
  • Learn the do’s & don’ts of networking
  • Perfect your elevator pitch
  • Build meaningful relationships that last for a lifetime and bring mutual benefits throughout your journey.


Sometimes you accidentally roll into an industry that you later find makes you unhappy. It’s good to realize that and start planning for a change to feel yourself once again!

(Actual value: ฿51,000)

  • Find out what your desired industry, company, and position is
  • Identify the gaps in skills and knowledge that needs to be filled
  • Set an actionable plan to get there
  • Receive the best possible resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Train to make a great story about your industry switch
  • Stop hesitating, get professional help, and make that step you desire and deserve!


It’s a big and scary change, but also so exciting! Let’s make your dream a reality by creating a proper plan, building a solid network, applying in the right ways, and being prepared for every step of the way!

(Actual value: ฿94,200)

  • Find out what it is you truly love and enjoy
  • Discover industries, companies, and positions that match you
  • Set a vision of where you ideally want to be in 5-10 years from now
  • Create an actionable plan to get there
  • Receive an outstanding resume & LinkedIn profile to impress
  • Build a killer network and obtain some referrals
  • Master interviews and negotiate a great salary
  • Have a future lifeline for whenever you need career-related advice
  • Time for that long awaited move! Let’s be best prepared so you get to the right place, doing the right thing, and simply having the life you want.

Career Packages Summary
Newbae Strongbae Hotbae Powerbae Interbae

Career Planning & Mentorship

5 hours
3 hours
10 hours
20 hours

Resume Writing & Design

LinkedIn Writing & Design

Job Search Strategy

30 min
1 hour
2 hours
5 hours

Networking Training

1 hour
2 hours
10 hours
5 hours
10 hours

Interview Training

3 hours
3 hours
5 hours
5 hours
10 hours

Salary Negotiations

30 min
1 hour
2 hour
2 hours

Future Advice Lifeline

1 hour
1 hour
2 hours

Total Consultation Hours

5 hours
12 hours
19 hours
25 hours
49 hours

Actual Value (THB)


Price (THB)






Disclaimer: We offer full flexibility. Consultation hours can be used for other services instead of the suggested if preferred.
  1. Do the career exploration desk research for me (25k THB)
  2. Interview me for the resume & LinkedIn services instead of questions in writing (1000 THB/ hour)
  3. Resume/ LinkedIn fastrack service of delivery within 24 hours upon receiving all answers (2000 THB per service)